• 0721-762021
  • Bangla

Urban Area Plan is formulated to serve as a guide to development together with the control of land use of the RDA administrative area. This plan is more elaborate than the Structure Plan and contains a land use zoning map in the background of cadastral (Mouza) map apart from sectoral development proposal.
This plan is sub-divided into a number of Spatial Planning Zones (SPZ) for preparation of Detailed Area Plans. This plan will be equivalent to the Functional Master Plan concept as suggested in Section-11 of RTDA Ordinance, 1976. The duration of Urban Area Plan shall be of 10 years.

The major features of the Urban Area Plan are as follows,

  • It provide primary and secondary road network;
  • It will keep provision for other major physical infrastructure, like, drainage & Water supply network and flood control infrastructure at intermediate level;
  • It will show central and regional open space recreation areas;
  • Major social service, like education and health facilities will be indicated;
  • It will give other future proposals in the form of land use including major housing, commercial and industrial proposal;
  • It will provide important utility installations;
  • It will indicate detailed land use of Urban Area Plan coverage;
  • Sites of committed and on going major public and private sector projects;
  • It will divide Urban Area Plan area into large number of Strategic Planning Zone (SPZ) where Detailed Area Plans will be prepared.


Spatial Planning Zone

Spatial Planning Zone


Detail Spatial Planning Zone Map